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Introduction to HTML

HTML Worksheet

Most of the answers for this worksheet may be found at the w3schools.com website: http://w3schools.com/html/

HTML Basic

  1. What does HTML stand for?
  2. What is an HTML tag?
  3. Using html, body, h1, and p tags, construct an example HTML document.
  4. What extensions are commonly used for html files?
  5. Give an example of a heading tag:
  6. How many levels of heading tags are there?
  7. How is a paragraph formed in html?
  8. Give the html to link to the computer science web site at http://cs.simpson.edu
  9. Extra: Are links case sensitive? (Hint: The answer is not yes/no.)
  10. Give html code to show the logo.jpg image:
  11. Extra: Explain when to use a JPG image or a PNG image.
  12. Extra: What is the difference between GIF and PNG?
  13. Extra: If a developer has a 5000x4000 pixel image, and wants to make it smaller, it is possible to set the height and width of the image with HTML to something smaller. Give at least two reasons why this is the wrong approach.
  14. Explain what an HTML attribute is.
  15. Should tags and tag attribute names be upper or lower case?
  16. What is the HTML for creating a horizontal line?
  17. How are comments entered in HTML?
  18. How does a person see the HTML source of a page?
  19. Can a user see comments in the HTML source?
  20. How is a line break done in HTML?
  21. What HTML makes bold and italicized text? (Note, two different tags can make bold, and two different tags can make italicized. One of each is no longer recommended because the current standard is to remove style information from HTML documents.)
  22. ive an example of using a subscript:
  23. Give an example of using preformatted text:
  24. What are some examples of deprecated tags? Using <center> as an example, how should text be centered now?
  25. Give an example of HTML code to make red, 20 pixel text.
  26. Create a link to www.simpson.edu that will open in a new browser window.
  27. Create an HTML anchor.
  28. Create a link to an HTML anchor.
  29. What is the alt text in an image used for?
  30. How does a developer specify alt text for an image?
  31. If there are 10 images on a page, how many files are required to be fetched to display a page?
  32. Give an example of a 2 row, 2 column table with an extra row for headers.
  33. What is the difference between an ordered and an unordered list?
  34. Give an example of an unordered list with two items:
  35. What is an HTML form?
  36. Explain how understand where to place the beginning form tag, and the ending form tag.
  37. Write out code for a form that has the user enter a first name.
  38. How does the code for a password field differ from a regular field?
  39. Write the code for radio buttons that select between "graduate" or "undergraduate."
  40. How is a "submit" button placed on a form?
  41. What are other types of input fields available?
  42. What are html frames/framesets?
  43. How are colors defined in HTML?
  44. List at least 4 of the predefined color names available in HTML.

    HTML Advanced

  45. What is the main feature behind HTML 4.0?
  46. How can a person validate HTML with W3C's validator?
  47. What are some advantages to using the stand along HTMLValidator?
  48. How does an HTML document link to an external style sheet?
  49. How does an HTML document list styles internally?
  50. How does an HTML document list styles in-line?
  51. Give an example of specifying the title of a document (One that appears when bookmarking, and in the title bar of the web browser.)
  52. How is a < sign displayed in an HTML document?
  53. How is an ampersand displayed in an HTML document?
  54. What is the code for a non-breaking white space?
  55. Be able to explain each part of:
  56. How is the text Hello "Paul" encoded in a URL?

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